If handmade, lace depending on the instrument can be used, bobbin, needle, crochet, to point in...
2020-01-30 12:08:57
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Trine and lace

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If handmade, lace depending on the instrument can be used, bobbin, needle, crochet, to point in the air. The lace design may vary depending on the technique used or the local traditions. Generically
more the yarn is thinner, the lace is impalpable and is considered valuable. Today they usually use cotton yarn, but once you were also using silk threads, gold and silver for some particularly high-quality workmanship.
There are geographical areas that have achieved international fame for the skill of local merlettatrici in creating masterpieces.
Burano lace, for example, is one of the most renowned in the world, has centuries-old tradition and is specific to this island in the Venetian lagoon, where there is also a famous lace museum.
A legend says that thanks to a fisherman is born this traditional textile craft production. He in fact, having resisted the siren song of love for his beautiful awaiting him in Burano, would receive from the queen of the waves a foam crown to adorn the head of his bride. The friends of the beloved, envious and conquer the veil of beauty, tried to imitate, beginning a school of centuries-old tradition.
The bobbin lace is the most famous in the world of Flanders lace. The legend tells us how it was born: once upon a time in Bruges a girl named Serena, beautiful and extremely poor. He loved, loved in return, a poor young artist as she was. A bad day Serena's mother fell ill so badly that the girl, in order to achieve healing, having no other means offered by vow to the Madonna, the renunciation of his love for the young artist.
While talking to him, sitting in the shade of a large tree, from the branches fell on his apron a canvas of dense spider, fine, elaborate and graceful at the same time. The two lovers there remained spellbound and she immediately thought of trying to do it again with the wire as the end of his cast. He closed with some branches of the tree and held her apron in four poles, in order to take home, unscathed, the precious design of the web.
So while Serena the copied with his wire, he helped her to take separated and sorted the many necessary wires, which otherwise would have matted and tangled, tying a wooden stick at the end of each wire . So love and art was born the first bobbin and the first lace of Bruges, which greatly pleased the great ladies of the city that handsomely rewarded the young author of the amazing spider web.
Popular imagination has created a variety of sequels to the legend, but mention them all would take us far.
In the past, the laces were used as decoration, to decorate household linen, for underwear and for sophisticated clothing.
Today lace and lace do not seem to be reconciled with the needs and rhythms of modern life, yet they have not lost their charm. Sometimes designers present them in fashion shows in unconventional combinations and provocative, or find them with all their sexy charged in the elegant transparency of underwear collections and finally continue to be a must in the dreams of the most romantic brides.
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